3rd district candidate Q & A tonight: Steve’s pickin’ but no one else except Erika is grinnin’.


Tonight the S. Ellen Jones Neighborhood Association and the East Spring Street Neighborhood Association will be hosting a question and answer session with the three candidates vying for New Albany’s 3rd district city council seat. As most readers know by now, the candidates are:

Steve Price (D) Incumbent
Maury Goldberg (D) Challenger
Charlie Harshfield (D) Challenger

The session will run from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the cafeteria of the S. Ellen Jones Elementary School, 600 East 11th Street, New Albany, Indiana.

(It is unclear whether CM Price’s current televised minstrelsy act will be sanctioned as applicable to the q & a session, especially if he attempts to answer serious questions via his well worn harmonica).

According to the organizers, each candidate will have ten minutes to introduce himself to attendees (30 minutes total), followed by questions and answers (60 minutes). A moderator will read questions aloud and each candidate will have three minutes to respond, and candidate rebuttals of one minute will be allowed. If submitted questions are exhausted, the moderator will facilitate questions from the audience, and because time is limited, there is no guarantee that all submitted questions will be asked.

For more information, please call 812.941.0466, e-mail at SEllenJonesNA(at)msn.com (replace “at” with @) or visit www.SEllenJones.org.

Here are a few of the questions that NAC submitted:

Do you agree or disagree with nationally syndicated columnist Thomas Friedman that in the future, green will be the next red, white and blue? What are the practical consequences of this for cities like New Albany?

How can we achieve “progress by design” through implementing the principles of Smart Growth and New Urbanism in our core neighborhoods?

Do you agree that the unregistered and unregulated proliferation of rental properties in the 3rd District, many absentee-owned, is a grave threat to a properly functioning core neighborhood?

Do you support traffic calming measure and the retrofitting of city streets back to their intended two-way usage?

Do you agree or disagree with this statement: “Progress is the ultimate manifestation of fiscal responsibility, because making the economic pie larger benefits everyone?”

Given that there is a good chance that the winner of this race will win the primary with less than a majority, as councilman, are you prepared to listen to all of your constituents, and not just the ones who voted for you?

How important is decorum and professionalism with regard to our city council, and by extension, has the last council’s antics and non-professional demeanor sent the wrong message to the world at large?

As councilman, will you fund the city’s ordinance enforcement program to succeed, rather than starving it to fail?