Yep, we sure don’t want to use public monies for the wrong purpose, do we?


In Grace Schneider’s C-J coverage of the city council gathering Wednesday, during which a budget was approved, there are these illuminating passages:

First, this one:

Councilman Jeff Gahan, who cast the only no vote, said Thursday he’s skeptical that the mayor or his staff will follow through. Gahan said he fears the council will end up dipping into reserve funds to balance the 2010 budget, just as it has had to do to balance the current one.

The 2010 budget “leaves us in exactly the same place as we’re in now” with the 2009 budget, he said.

Then, this one:

To fill gaps in past budgets, the council has had to draw on riverboat revenue-sharing, rainy-day funds and income tax reserves.

“We’ve grown accustomed to tapping those funds,” which shouldn’t become a regular practice, Gahan said.

Gahan could have been referring to “tapping” EDIT funds to subsidize sewer rates, otherwise known as our Incumbent Assurance Program. Was he?


Gee, what does that make him, then?

(Hint: The word begins with “h”)