Curran sets St. Daniels straight on vital bridge matters while Clere seeks legislative paging.


Evening News columnist Kelley Curran gets it 100% right, clearly and forcefully …

CURRAN: Daniels, downsize the bridges project, by Kelley Curran (News and Tribune)

Dear Gov. Daniels,

Hi. How are you? Locally, we have some problems with this whole Ohio River Bridges Project thing, and, with all due respect, it appears you’re on the wrong side of the issue.

… while our Rep. Clere, “non-partisan” friend of the little people, remains oblivious.

CLERE: Take a page from here and visit the Statehouse

In last week’s column, I suggested some ways to connect with state government. This week, as the 2011 legislative session gets under way, I want to focus on a special opportunity. Students ages 13 to 18 may serve as a legislative page for a day.

On the one hand, kids too young to drive still have time to adjust to whatever the Tolling Authority decides.

On the other, I suppose two weeks are sufficient to conclude that my outreach experiment was a failure: Dear Ed.

Given that it’s 5:00 a.m. and I’ve been up since three, here’s NAC’s official position on the collapse of talks: