“Alternatives to tolling the I-65 Corridor/Kennedy Bridges System.”


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No2BridgeTolls is opposed to financing the downtown infrastructure through the use of tolls or user fees on the I-65 Corridor/Kennedy Bridges System.

Organization is Launching New Advertising Campaign

Clarksville, Indiana February 18, 2011 No2BridgeTolls founders have announced a strategic shift in focus and communications that will more clearly communicate the organization’s position in light of recent financing announcements.

This strategic shift to a more targeted approach has been driven by recent announcements by the governors of both Kentucky and Indiana to downsize the Bridges project. No2BridgeTolls founders and supporters believe this new plan has the effect of shifting the burden of financing the downtown portion of the project to the I-65 Corridor/Kennedy Bridges System.

“We are not opposed to a reasonable and financially responsible means to improve our downtown Interstate infrastructure or build a new East End Bridge,” said co-founder Paul Fetter. “We are opposed to building to a plan that will have adverse socio- and economic impact to the community, specifically Southern Indiana and Downtown Louisville, which we firmly believe tolls or user fees on I-65 Corridor will have,” said Fetter.

“While the governors’ announcement was a welcome one in that it took the Sherman Minton and Clark Memorial bridges out of the tolling plan, we do not believe tolls on the I-65 Corridor is in keeping with our vision for what makes sense for the community.

“Our group and supporters believes alternatives to tolling the I-65 Corridor/Kennedy Bridges System can and should be found and are imploring all the decision makers of this vital and necessary project to find the solution without compromising the project. We will continue our efforts to educate the community and engage our elected representatives to act in the best interest of families and businesses in our community,” said Fetter.

The organization will launch a new advertising campaign that will begin on Sunday and future communications will include this redefined, targeted message.


We are a broad-based coalition of businesses, organizations and private individuals who are opposed to tolls on the I-65 Corridor/Kennedy Bridges System. Our targeted focus has been driven by recent announcements by the governors of both states to shift the financing burden for all of the downtown infrastructure needs to the Kennedy Bridge and its I-65 supporting new Downtown Bridge. We have formed under the entity of “Organization for a Better Southern Indiana, Inc.” (OBSI.) Our purpose is to educate the public of the true impact of the current proposed bridge toll on both sides of the river. We are a 501-C6 non-profit organization that has been formed for the purpose of disseminating information. We are not against the bridges—just tolls or user fees on the I-65 Corridor/Kennedy Bridges System, which will divide our community, be a regressive tax that our citizens and businesses cannot afford, and will adversely affect the local economy, disproportionately affecting Southern Indiana.