Gahan, Dickey and the Floyd County Democratic Party “inaugurate” the resistance by groveling at the feet of an unreconstructed homophobic serial bully. I’m getting the warm fuzzies just Sieg Heiling about it.


Jeff Gahan heroically hedged his bets while insulting the outgoing POTUS with the “honor” of slapping his name on a grimy industrial park road, now known as Barack Obama Way, dubbed for the sole reason that Obama gave Gahan money (economic stimulus), carefully weighed and calculated rivulets of which inevitably made their way into the mayor’s burgeoning Cayman islands campaign finance coffers.

… Although the road was named for the outgoing president, Gahan said he looks forward to positive actions by the new administration — President-elect Donald Trump and Indiana’s own Gov. Mike Pence, who will take office as vice president Jan. 20.

“We certainly are rooting for them to be successful, too,” Gahan said.

Of course, we already know that for Gahan, only one man can truly be accorded the status of The Way — and it isn’t Barack Obama …

I was standing down in Nawbany Town one day
I was standing down in Nawbany Town one day
I was standing down in Nawbany Town one day
Singing… I am the way

 … although it might yet be Donald Trump. Gahan fancies himself an artistic deal maker, too. Perhaps they’ll have a summit, and Dan Coffey can continue his stunning rehabilitation by serving as emcee.

Democratic cesspool redux: Gahan, Dickey and Phipps want to remove Lorch as council counsel so Danny Boy will be happy again.

Seeing as it’s the Gahanian Party now, and Adam Dickey is left to make nasty multinational java and empty bedpans, perhaps the Wizard of Westside can rejoin the Democrats in time to become party chairman, borrowing Steve Bannon to revise the platform just a tad and make it cleaner for the numerous local rank and file “Democrats,” who like Coffey himself opted for Trump last November.

In the interim, 3rd District councilman Greg Phipps is directed to smile, grin and cherish Gahan’s decision to fete and polish Coffey, who’ll happily swing his council vote back to the Disneyites for the ridiculously low price of council attorney Matt Lorch’s head on platter.

Let the New Gahanian revisionism begin, preferably with a semi-literate press release from the mayoral stand-in, emanating from deep within the musty bowels of the Down Low Bunker.

“Tiptoe through the tulips” wasn’t an anti-gay slur at all — it was literary allegory, that’s it, and “lying piece of shit” referred to a dog turd outside on the sidewalk.

ON THE AVENUES: This is Dan Coffey, New Albany’s quintessential Democrat.

Whatever Cool Papa G wants, he gets, even if it means indulging Coffey, the most perennially corrosive force in local politics outside of Deaf Gahan himself … and all CM Phipps has to do is coo appreciative affirmation to the Dear Leader’s directives.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, does it? Phipps has options, doesn’t he?

When Phipps first sought office, he forcefully rejected politics as usual — or, politics just like this. Then the junta got in the way, and Phipps strayed, but now’s the ideal time for him to make good on this pledge, recoup lost time, and distance himself from a rapidly disintegrating party structure that regularly and cavalierly dismisses him.

If Coffey and Scott Blair can play the independent card, so can Phipps. Speaking for myself, I’d be inclined to support an independent 3rd District seat in 2019. Why be a Yes-Man for Ga-han when Phipps’ constituents come first, anyway?

Hold on … does anyone have a barf bag?

I feel a Democratic Party donation coming on.