Design elements: Is it Market Street beautification or Il Duce’s Italy?


Who knew Jeff Gahan was a student of pre-WWII fascist history? It’s only a matter of time before Dear Leader channels Il Duce: “We must create a new art, an art of today, a Gahanist-HWC art.”

As Bluegill wisely noted:

New Albany’s Market Street project is depressingly familiar – big money, long time, the usual political patronage, generic ugly car-centric result. New Gahania in a nutshell.

This nutshell includes the beautiful people rushing to praise the emperor’s nudity as they overlook what he’s done to terrorize the less fortunate among us.

Therein lies the biggest part of our city’s problem — that, and street light poles made out to look like Roman plinths for enormous ceremonial statues, which they might yet become during a third Gahan term.

We’ll be invading Clarksville before you know it.