The Aggregate podcast: “Reconnecting with City Councilman Al Knable.”


This is Al Knable’s second visit to The Aggregate podcast (follow the link, scroll down), and he is the first candidate to appear since Nick Vaughn issued this “invitation” at Facebook on September 29.

Instead of spreading unsubstantiated rumors, I’d prefer if our elected officials and candidates would answer some questions:

  • 1. What do you plan to do/what should the city do when/if the Sherman Minton Bridge closes (at least partially)? How will you help mitigate the economic impact?
  • 2. Do you support public/affordable housing? What will you do to ensure people who want to live in New Albany are able to?
  • 3. What are your budgeting priorities? Rank your top 4 budget priorities in order.
  • 4. How do you plan to be accessible to those who elected you (or didn’t)? How will you respond to constituent questions and concerns?
  • 5. Council members and candidates: how will you use your power as a co-equal branch of local government to curb executive overreach? Do you support council approval for mayoral appointments (where law allows)?

Anyone who wishes to address these questions will be given an hour on my podcast. Email me.

Previous candidate guests besides Knable have been Joshua Turner and Christina Estill, and Sam Charbonneau is coming next.

Which reminds me …